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About the 2014 Symposium

The Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium will bring together utility leaders, regulators, stakeholders, and solutions providers who have a vested interest in rolling out successful Smart Grid communications and customer education programs.

This year's event promises to be an exciting one. As an industry we have matured a great deal in the area of customer education. But as we know, this is an ongoing process as we move from meter roll out to the introduction of pricing and energy management programs. Join the leaders in the industry as they discuss their strategies around education and how they have moved from early education to full blown engagement strategies.

This event will be invaluable to professionals tasked with AMI education, as our speakers’ wealth of experience includes establishing online data presentment and customer portals enabling them to successfully gauge customer usage of online management tools or have introduced PTR, CPP or TOU to measure behavior change.

SmartEnergy IP™ practice is a research and consulting organization within SmartMark Communications, LLC that is dedicated to helping utilities communicate the benefits of Smart Grid to customers. As utilities roll out Smart Grid initiatives — from smart meters to dynamic pricing programs — there are ways to ensure that customers are best prepared to make smart energy choices and positively support these roll outs. SmartMark Communications has over a decade of experience in the energy and utilities customer care domain, helping utilities and suppliers market effectively to customers. From designing a customer care strategy to executing that strategy, SmartMark Communications offers an array of services to meet utility needs. For more information, visit www.smartenergy-ip.com.


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